Top FAQs

Feeling inquisitive? Have a read through some of our FAQs or contact our supporters for help.

  • What countries are supported?

    • can be used in any country.
    • For WhatsApp campaigns, just connect your WhatsApp account.
    • There is no need for an official business-API WhatsApp.
    • For SMS campaigns, connect your Android device to send SMS for SMS, using your own SIM card, to the service.

Pricing Plan questions

Frequently asked questions about payment and tariffs.

  • What is the difference between Free tariff and paid?

    • Paid tariffs increase the number of contacts connected by Android devices, Webhooks, API keys, branding in the footer is removed, you can use short links in the messages sent, an unlimited number of notifications, USSD queries.
    • The rest of the functions are unlimited and available at the free “FREE” tariff.
  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    • No, we cannot cancel the already paid subscription.
    • You need to wait when the subscription period is over.
  • How can I switch the subscription between a free and paid plan?

    • You can buy a subscription plan for your tasks at any time and immediately switch to this paid subscription plan.
  • Is there an additional discount when paid annually?

    • Yes, there is such a discount. Usually we write the price for a year with a discount and without a discount. You can see the difference in price.
  • What will happen if I do not extend my paid subscription?

    • If you do not extend the paid subscription, then at the end of the paid subscription period, you will automatically switch to the Free tariff.
    • You can purchase a paid tariff at any time again.
  • What kind of payment methods do you provide?

    • We provide several payment methods, depending on the country of origin of the user.
    • The proposed payment methods are offered when switching the language of the site.

Contact management questions

Several frequently asked questions that are interested in new users of the service.

Questions about the App

A few frequently asked questions to help you use the App.